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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pubs in Siruseri / Bars in Siruseri

Round the Clock Bar in Chennai

There are good number of Pubs / Bars in Siruseri and OMR

Shopping in Siruseri (Super Markets and Malls)

Siruseri Super Markets / Siruseri Malls

Malls and supermarkets are underrated places to visit when you travel. They give a great window in the daily lives of the locals and can know more about thier culture. Most foreigners and non-locals do their shopping
at one of several malls or 'hypermarkets' around town. In today's world of consumerism many people like shopping in big malls than traditional kirana shops. This, however is not a healthy sign for all

Nilgiris Siruseri

AGS Siruseri

Good Apartments for Rent in Siruseri

Siruseri Rental Apartments / PG Guest Accommodation

Siruseri now has lot of apartments

  • Hiranandani
  • Akshaya
  • Sreenivasa
  • L&T
  • Green house etc

The rent varies from Rs 11,000 to 27,000 depending on facilities and location

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ladies Salon / Women Beauty Parlor in Siruseri

Siruseri Exclusive Women / Ladies Beauty Parlors

Siruseri - IT Hub of India has lot of working women and men. There are lot of residences coming up in Navalur, KElambakkam etc and lot of Hostels too

To cater the demand of Women, good number of beauty parlors have come-up. The offer services like

hair design
hair removal
hair perms
hair tints
hair coloring
body polishing
bridal make-up

Permanent Hair Removal (Armpit / Bikini Line) etc is done with imported machines  leaving no scar / marks

Shaving Bikini Line in Chennai will be bit tough due to humidity

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