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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Uppur Vinayagar /Ganesh temple - Rameswaram Yatra Starting Point

When Sri Rama came to know about the place of captivity of Sita through Anjaneya, He set out from Prachravana hills with His monkey army to Vanni forests through the eastern coast. He worshipped Veyil Ugantha Vinayaka in Uppur in a serene environment and sought His blessings for victory in his efforts and proceed

It's normal for anyone to start their work by worshipping Lord Ganesh. No wonder that Uppur Ganesha guided Lord Ram to emerge victorious over Ravan and get his Sita back to Ayodhya

The rays of Sun fall on the Lord on the southern side during Dakshinayana and on the northern side on Utharayana periods. 

Uppur Vinayaka temple is 15 km from Thondi in Tiruvadanai Taluk in Ramanathapuram district on Sethu Beach road


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